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SoftMetrics provides consulting services for organizations looking to create or modify existing software products and solutions. Our services are based on an overall project-based methodology. Your organization can choose to adopt the entire methodology or select service areas within it that best fits your organization needs. SoftMetrics focuses on top models and critical aspects of the software development life cycle (SDLC) including Software Metrics and Functional Point Analysis, UI/UX Design, Coding /Programming, Software Testing, Project Management, DevOps, Software Quality Assurance, Database Administration, Requirements Engineering, and end-to-end process improvement.
SOFTMETRICS offers a wide range of consulting services that support an overall Software Process Improvement (SPI) program and can be categorized as follows:
• Help you increase awareness and buy-in towards change within your organization - the most critical aspect of the success of an improvement initiative – through information sharing, town hall meetings, and lunch-and-learn presentations.
• Conduct assessments of current practices to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in your processes.
• Help you develop an action plan to achieve the next level of software development excellence.
• Develop and implement new methods and procedures tailored to help you achieve higher levels of software maturity and increase return-on-investment (ROI).
• Implement a measurements program to assess the organization’s current performance and measure improvements over time.
• Conduct formal assessments to help you recognize your achievements. 


SoftMetrics offers instructor-led courses that can be taught both in classroom setting as well as virtually. SoftMetrics can also customize the workshops to fit your specific needs. Current courses cover a wide range of topics to address major issues encountered in software development. Our courses are designed to maximize the learning experience of the students through class participation and hands-on exercises. Click on the following link to view the list of courses: Instructor Led Courses
For more information please contact Abdulmumin Idris at 07038245680


Top companies of all sizes and across all industries depend on the expertise of SoftMetrics. SoftMetrics is committed to hiring the best and the brightest in their class and offering them the opportunity to build on their talents.
SoftMetrics offers timely, reliable, high-quality consulting services, contract staffing and direct hire for information technology and software development organizations. SoftMetrics consultants are experienced in a wide range of industries, are of varying backgrounds and skill levels, and can work in a variety of IT environments, either in teams or individually, and across a variety of technologies.
SoftMetrics’ network of highly-skilled IT professionals, combined with our commitment to service excellence, provides clients with the expertise they need to succeed. We work in partnership with our clients by understanding their corporate culture, business process and technology requirements.


Advantages of Staff Augmentation 

• Leverage Existing Resources
Organizations can add new or specialized skillsets to their team, taking advantage of both external and internal resources for the completion of software development projects.
• Control
Companies maintain control of the software development project by utilizing their own staff, infrastructure and processes and using external staff to accelerate the project.
• Specialist Expertise
Some projects are more complex than others. Staff augmentation allows you to fill those hard to find skills with external resources.
• Meet Aggressive Project Timelines
Compressed deadlines may lead to an immediate demand for more resources. Staff augmentation is often the best option.
• Flexibility
Companies with changing staffing needs or sensitive budgets can address those concerns through staff augmentation. It’s relatively easy to add or subtract resources to match demand.


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